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2018, the year i found my passion for travelling

turkey, the country known for its sweet treats, apple tea and magical carpets

underneath the layers of what she is well-known for, it was the deep history, deep significance, deep meaning of what made her, turkey

i listened as the tour…

2 long but little things

that my parents wish to throw out of the window with every golden opportunity they can find, at its ridiculousness of it still being around after all this time.

2 slender, cylinder-shaped objects,

stained with yellow spots,

that i spend every night with since the…

Phobicness is like the waves crashing on you, every time you try to rise up.

Phobicness hunts me down, like a hunter waiting for its deer.

Phobicness is the stab of a knife, into the depths of your soul.

Phobicness sticks and lurks in the back of your mind, taunting and devouring your every thought.

Phobicness is like a sea of black, with no sign of light.

Phobicness makes me lose my sanity,

my confidence,


Phobicness is it curable ? I ask


go away.


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